About Us

About Us

Norman Direct is an independently owned direct repose expert in product development, manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment and customer service. We manage every aspect of both short and long-form direct response campaigns - from the media buy to telemarketing. Norman Direct delivers unique products through it's network of quality producing suppliers and partnerships with inventors and product innovators all around the world. Normans' products are seen through direct response TV marketing, national retailers, mail order catalogs and home shopping networks throughout the United States, Canada and beyond. Let Norman Direct bring your ideas to life and be recognized as one of the most successful brand launches in the history of the direct response industry.

Direct Response

Norman Direct will bring to bear it's expertise marketing multiple hit products in all areas of direct response. Let us help you maximize sales by leveraging our comprehensive suite of tools and strategies.

Product Development

We strive to maximize product performance io all demographics of the marketplace. We can assist with all steps in product development from design to distribution.

Brand Building

Building a successful brand requires expert attention to detail in numerous areas such as packaging, customer service, public relations, traditional and internet marketing. Let our brand managers assist in building your success from the ground up.

Retail Distribution

We have long standing relationships with merchants in all distribution channels. Norman Direct will ensure your product's continued success by utilizing our integrated network of distributors.